Some testimonials about Wood Floor Phuket – Thailand sent by our customers.

I just wanted to thank you and the team for a great job – I am totally happy with the outcome and appreciate your professionalism and service.
I will keep in touch with you to coordinate the second villa – it is all 3 ground floor bedrooms that will have wood flooring .
I know it is not totally your ideal, but I am happy with the floors being done as here, once everything has been Installed- wardrobe and beds . It can be done once the windows are in and the place is waterproof.
I hope that’s ok .
Thanks again

Villa Garden Atlas in Cherntalay

We are now back to our apartment in Phuket.
Thank you very much for the good job you have done to repair our wood floor. It’s perfect 👍
Best Regards

Q Concept Kata Center

Amazing good floor for Yoga sessions. A big “Thank You” to the team.

Baan Ao (Srisuchard)

Done it right the first time

David Lymann ( Ceo Tilleke & Gibbins Bangkok )

Quality close to super yacht standard

Björn Schneider (Chief Engineer)

Quality of laminated Oak the best we have seen so far in Japan

Hirotaka Kidosaki ( Kidosaki design Tokyo Japan)

After hiring amateurs we found out quite quickly how cheap professionals are.

Laurens Rinke ( Royal Phuket Marina)

2nd Best was not an option!

William Rowley ( Blue Canyon Phuket)

Until I can find anyone professional I will do the work myself –
You are the exception

Jeff – Baan Sai Taan Phuket

Difficult circumstances for Kaindl Phuket but the job was done on time
Frank Dreist GM 2003

Kata Beach Resort ( 5500m2 laminate floor 2003 )
Wood flooring at Kata Beach Resort & Spa

Fast and clean installation K. Montri

Boat House / Kata
Boat House / Kata Fast and clean installation of solid wood floor

Outstanding job. Clean & Quick

Mom Tri’s Kitchen / Kata Noi
wood floor installation

Always our first choice

Royal Phuket Marina

Royal Phuket Marina

The solution we have been looking for all the time for timber floors.
Carl Langenskiold Owner

Twin Palms / Surin Beach
solution for timber floors

We value the quality of the work and products of Wood Floor Phuket.

Mangosteen Resort & Spa / Rawai
Mangosteen Resort & Spa / Rawai

Quality for super yachts and hotels alike.

Boat Lagoon
Boat Lagoon

The best choice we ever made. Best quality product and work on Phuket.

Laguna Village
Laguna Village

I hate you! You know exactly what you are doing sanding our floors.
The Pavilions / Owner

The Pavilions
Sanding the floors of the Pavillion

The floor looked like plastic before you came.
You brought out the natural beauty.
Villa 14 anna  & Hans Van Royen
Perfect Job and good service for replacing the floor with teakwood
Villa 2 Alexeji & Natalie

Lakewood Hills
Perfect Job and good service for replacing the floor with teakwood

I like the company in which the owner works too.
Günter Killer

Baan Thai Surin Hill
I like the company in which the owner works too

Changed two rooms in 24hours ready for Mariott room inspection – passed
Peter Hurst Project Manager
The courtyard Patong Beach

Courtyard Mariott
Changed two rooms in 24hours ready for Mariott room inspection – passed

Restored the deck and rooms to perfect finish.
Benno Birner /Cruise director

Cruise Asia RV River Kwai
Restored the deck and rooms to perfect finish

This company knows hot to install and treat solid wood floors.

Le Raffine
Le Raffine

The best solid wood floor you can wish for in Thailand. Wood Floor Phuket, professional work in all stages.

Cape Sol Resort / Koh Samui
Cape Sol Resort / Koh Samui

After all the information you have given us you must have a PHD in this matter of wood floors.

Francesca Manganelli Leng

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